Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Steak and Eggs

Today, I've been weighing the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a vegetarian. Now before thoughts of "pretentious" and the all-inclusive "hipster" come to mind, hear me out. One of the biggest advantages to me would be to stop support America's corrupt and disgusting meat industry. Our "big 5" chicken companies, which includes Tyson Chicken, give obscene amounts of growth hormones to their chickens which speed up their growth so fast, the chickens are unable to even hold up their own weight. They even go as far as keep their chickens in cages to have storage space for more.
       Another advantage I would be pumped about is forcing me to eat more fresh fruits and veggies, not that I don't eat them now, but I would certainly eat more, and that is just all around good, right? However, I am not a master-chef so I guess I'll have to read up on some nice recipes to keep things from getting boring.
       I guess some of the disadvantages would be the threat of carb-overloading (eating nothing but pasta and bread) simply for the fact that pasta and bread are cheap, while keeping my place stocked with fruits and veggies is not.